Monday, August 5, 2013

1 Month after 1st day of work

It's been an interesting month living the life of an employed artist. Living in a house that is a step up from the place I was at before. Lacking a car, which has been an uncomfortable experience in the wonderful Florida summer. But I am getting paid, and trying to get into a no-stress lifestyle! You trade one stress for another I suppose. That dreadful November loan payments looming over yonder. I am in good company though, and slowly trying to organize the crazy box of tangled cords called life as I live it.

But on to the important things, the art!

This was something I made to test out how convincing I could make decal thru a sculpt I made. Twas interesting results. I wanted it to work over any surface, and it kind of did do that.

Speed sculpt while testing out new techniques.

Found this neat concept art at Polycount.
I felt that sculpting that face would be fun. And it was!
Other than that, work has been fun. I am predominately sculpting in zbrush, so that is a big plus in my work day. More updates to come! Hopefully I find a car soon! Somebody sell me one for cheap for my birthday! lol.