Game Mod Dev

May 20, 2016 - Keeping a record of my progress on an Amnesia Mod I'm working on. I'm learning about what all the HPL2 editor holds. Creating the sublevel was a good way to find that out. This is going to be part of my prologue. It'll be short, and yet still give me a small taste of how to script events.

May 22, 2016 - Got text to appear at the beginning of the game! Sorta figured out how to use the extra_english.lang with the game script file (.hps). Had to dig into finished mod files from people online to get it work.

void Intro(string &in asTimer)
SetMessage("Wifey", "Intro", 20.0f);

---not sure the meaning of "string &in asTimer"

Also! Re-did the hallway layout so that it wasn't awkward when you saw the spooky door. Make it feel less like a hotel hallway, and more like a house.  I like that I give the player a choice between left and right.

Gonna script some more sequences tomorrow. :)