Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"Michael Faraday, who had little mathematics and no formal schooling beyond the primary grades, is celebrated as an experimenter who discovered the induction of electricity. He was one of the great founders of modern physics. It is generally acknowledged that Faraday's ignorance of mathematics contributed to his inspiration, that it compelled him to develop a simple, nonmathematical concept when he looked for an explanation of his electrical and magnetic phenomena. Faraday had two qualities that more than made up for his lack of education: fantastic intuition and independence and originality of mind."

Quote from a predominately nonsensical book "The Medium is the Massage an Inventory of Effects" by Marshall McLuhan.

I know he is some famous guy who predicted technology's effect on people. But unless I am really tired right now, I can hardly understand what he is writing about. Sounds like "fine art" analysis of psychology and technology.

Every once in a while I'll stumble upon an example of this concept that actually makes sense or just sounds cool.

Last week of February!

So today seemed like a good day to bring up some updates!

First of all... The last full faculty crit I'll ever have on thesis is this Friday. No pressure, I guess. I need to rig both my characters, pose both my characts, light my characters in the scene, and then texture them to extreme awesome in the next 2 days....  Hmmm....  Well, maybe I can wait on the extreme beauty textures for the final product. Oh, I almost forgot! I need to re-export my entire thesis trailer with the updated models.

Now that I summarized that out, I suddenly feel the urge to stop writing this blog post.............

But I'm already here.......

Aw man.....  Guilty conscience....

Guess I'll have to postpone what I was going reflect on until the next post.

I'll just leave you with a doodle for now. Time to write my todo list!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty much done..

Could be worked on more! But we shall see.  :) I should have a mood painting to go along with this dress sometime in the future.