Friday, December 11, 2015

The day that flipped everything

It's been 2 days. I am passed the initial shock and now just coping with the fact that I don't have a job anymore. It was no fault of mine. It is just how it sometimes goes in the world of startup studios. I will dearly miss my friends, who are also in the same position as me.

My morning routine is a little screwed up because of that lack of obligation, but my new routine is slow reforming. Had to call all of my loan lenders, file for unemployment, create a list of things to do, and collect job listings. I will soon be jumping into a routine of full-time game development on the project I've been working on (the Puppy Pirates), but for now.... I will be doing some important chores around the house and applying for jobs. I may even squeeze in a nice daily walk! (I say as it starts to rain here)

But my hopes are still high! Sorry if I sound otherwise, but I was just never the kind of person to enjoy idle moments. I have an extra 8 hours a day to do what I had been trying to squeeze in a 4 hour time frame after work. I aim to take advantage of that!

Last week before I realized this would happen, I bought a Cintiq. Not remorseful about my purchase, yet, but what impeccable timing on all this. hahah! I'm telling myself it's an investment. I'm not incredibly comfortable with it yet, but I plan to do more testing on it later. If I still don't like it, hopefully Amazon would allow me to return it.

Changing topics here: I was working on a Patreon page before all this, and now it's become more useful than ever before! I just launched the page, so if you are interested in following my adventures into Game Development, with some additional benefits, feel free to head over there and consider supporting me as a patron!

Before I head out, I also wanted to update you all on another project I've been working on. I am collaborating with members from the Handpainters Guild, to create a diorama of a Torii gate.

Here is where the project is at currently:

And here is a close up of my part in the project:

I should sleep now, despite not really NEEDING to wake up early, but I do have my own schedule to keep! :P Goodnight!