Friday, September 17, 2010

Childhood Memory

It's interesting to think that something that my teacher did to me as a punishment, still haunts me today. I forgot what I did to be punished, but she punished me by having me sit at a desk in a corner of the wall and a shelf. It was time to watch some sort of movie, that I'm sure I was looking forward to seeing, but to add injury to insult, the TV was right on the other side of the shelf. So I sat so close to the TV, but couldn't see a thing. I saw the glow of the TV in the dark room (cuz she turned off the lights), and saw colors change around, indicating stuff was happening that I wouldn't ever be able to see. And I heard my classmates laughing at things I wouldn't never know about.

I don't remember much from grade school or the movies I watched in class, but I sure do remember the time I DIDN'T see a movie.

I'm sure it wasn't the teacher's intention to "scar" me mentally like that, but it's funny how something so insignificant like that would still be in my mind today.  I guess I'm still curious.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Atlantis: the Lost Empire - Trial by Fire

So I actually read the whole article in IGN about Disney's FPS of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and I was moderately intrigued and amused. His review sounded like a bias avid gamer, who 'really tried his hardest to judge neutrally and give the benefit of the doubt to this Disney game', but when I finished and finally went to take a look at the screenshots, there really was barely any props or interesting characters with interesting characteristics. And most of all:

..... the environment was very uninspired, very geometrical, poorly visually detailed (it apparently had no shadows in the game), and from the sounds of it very badly designed layouts. At list price of $30, I guess you get what you paid for, because even back then games were atleast $50. But if Disney hires a company to make a game, and this is what they came up with...  Even game art students can make this quality, and even better sometimes! What's worse is that Disney was actually ok with this! But I can't ignore the fact that this was made 9 years. And ironically enough...produced by Disney (despite my last comment). You'd think that a multi-million corporation like Disney would want to produce high quality stuff all the time, but if you look at their "ToonTown" online game and current TV shows, I guess it's too be expected with them if it's not theme park or animation related. Especially since Atlantis wasn't their top selling movie. my musings. I will get back to my work that very desperately needs my attention.

P.s. Their Lion King game "Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games" was 100000000x better and it was made in 1995!!! 15 years ago! It was a different type of game, but the quality of challenge, fun, and experience was alot more paid attention too than in Atlantis.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Old drawing I found, for a scratch board preliminary.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moved to new blog address!

I moved my art blog to another address, since I needed something proffessional and 100% art.

Follow me on there for my art and game progress!

This blog will just be my musings related to art/school/personal topics. Might have some sketches put on here, but anything visually noteworthy will go to my new blog. See ya there!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finished concept!

Shinjuku, Japan
My finished concept art for my theme pitch in 3D class. My theme came in third place, so I feel decidedly proud of myself for making it that far. What I've learned from the experience is calm down when doing a presentation and don't talk so fast. My other learning experience is...Even when I work on my hw casually, I still had to pull an all nighter!

We are going to be doing "Submerged Atlantean and Steampunk ruins" for our semester long level making. So you can expect alot of gears and columns to be made. And since it's Atlantean/Ruined Greece, there will be alot of crumbled stones and rocks. Our teaching is still debating how much of that we will be making. But yey for that theme winning, I choose it as one of my top 3.

Now onto working on my first assignment in UDK, making a level! Whoo!