Friday, September 17, 2010

Childhood Memory

It's interesting to think that something that my teacher did to me as a punishment, still haunts me today. I forgot what I did to be punished, but she punished me by having me sit at a desk in a corner of the wall and a shelf. It was time to watch some sort of movie, that I'm sure I was looking forward to seeing, but to add injury to insult, the TV was right on the other side of the shelf. So I sat so close to the TV, but couldn't see a thing. I saw the glow of the TV in the dark room (cuz she turned off the lights), and saw colors change around, indicating stuff was happening that I wouldn't ever be able to see. And I heard my classmates laughing at things I wouldn't never know about.

I don't remember much from grade school or the movies I watched in class, but I sure do remember the time I DIDN'T see a movie.

I'm sure it wasn't the teacher's intention to "scar" me mentally like that, but it's funny how something so insignificant like that would still be in my mind today.  I guess I'm still curious.