Friday, September 3, 2010

Finished concept!

Shinjuku, Japan
My finished concept art for my theme pitch in 3D class. My theme came in third place, so I feel decidedly proud of myself for making it that far. What I've learned from the experience is calm down when doing a presentation and don't talk so fast. My other learning experience is...Even when I work on my hw casually, I still had to pull an all nighter!

We are going to be doing "Submerged Atlantean and Steampunk ruins" for our semester long level making. So you can expect alot of gears and columns to be made. And since it's Atlantean/Ruined Greece, there will be alot of crumbled stones and rocks. Our teaching is still debating how much of that we will be making. But yey for that theme winning, I choose it as one of my top 3.

Now onto working on my first assignment in UDK, making a level! Whoo!