Saturday, February 27, 2010


oh yea, lemme try noting what i've learned.

Keep to limited palette.
Sketch gesture-ful, to get detail & ideas.
Keep color in mind.
Atmospheric Perspective.
Get ideas out there, and do it. Then do another idea after that if you have one.
Talk to people and ask them suggestions.
Stay positive!
Don't draw in your head, draw on paper. (teehee)

And I think thats it for now.

Discovery of a Fallen Giant

I'm done! So this was for the Imagine FX art challenge, "Illustration for an RPG game". This illustration is of a made up RPG, so don't go trying to guess what game it's from.

Next up.....! Fairytale Illustration for a Movie poster with a celebrity as the main characters. yummmm.

I guess I'll speak a bit more about what has been going on:

I had my low for the month, but things are looking forward! I learned alot while being unsure of alot of things. I figured out my process a little more.

Need to do 12 paintings for class still. My finalized theme for the paintings, is a flowing and continuous naked figures that is disappearing into perspective. yey!

Learning alot about painting in my figure painting class, fortunately! In my painting class, it's more like painting practice time. Learn thru experience.

Almost Spring break, and I have lots of plans of enjoyment with friends and my cutie dearest!

Til next time, every...bodyyyyyy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

few more adjustments...

...but almost done!

I wanna give a shout out to Andrew! Who help me and kept me going on this. Best art director and friend I'll ever have. :)

This was a frustrating piece, but thru all the struggle and attempts at doing this illustration, I believe I've come out of this alot more knowledgeable and stronger. Lets hope my next illustration will come out alot more smoother than the last. hehe.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A wip....

...thats not going very smoothly. I can't seem to color this. I've hit my occasional "colorist's block".


I can draw stuff, just not color. This is due on Monday for the challenges I'm making it for, but it looks like I will miss another challenge yet again. Self peace within myself is at a low for today. I am so overwhelmed with all the different brushes out there. I would/could do things traditionally, but I haven't done traditional since.... over 3 months ago. And my memory is not the best when it comes to short term learned skills, like water coloring or gouache-ing. I may have been good at it once, but after not doing it for a long time I've forgotten.

Here is my still life painting that I've been working on for the longest time for painting class. Teacher seemed pretty pleased about it. I'm actually content and feeling 100% sure that its done.

And last but not least, some panels I drew in for Film Language class. That class is fun btw. Would not wanna major in it tho.