Saturday, February 27, 2010

Discovery of a Fallen Giant

I'm done! So this was for the Imagine FX art challenge, "Illustration for an RPG game". This illustration is of a made up RPG, so don't go trying to guess what game it's from.

Next up.....! Fairytale Illustration for a Movie poster with a celebrity as the main characters. yummmm.

I guess I'll speak a bit more about what has been going on:

I had my low for the month, but things are looking forward! I learned alot while being unsure of alot of things. I figured out my process a little more.

Need to do 12 paintings for class still. My finalized theme for the paintings, is a flowing and continuous naked figures that is disappearing into perspective. yey!

Learning alot about painting in my figure painting class, fortunately! In my painting class, it's more like painting practice time. Learn thru experience.

Almost Spring break, and I have lots of plans of enjoyment with friends and my cutie dearest!

Til next time, every...bodyyyyyy!