Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Finished the Sword!

"This sword was forged for the most brutal puppy to ever sail the big wet pool of the world. This blade has seen many a battle, but no real puppies were harmed in the making of this story."

You can also find this on @sketchfab​ as an interactive 3D model and at ArtStation!

As I neared the finish on the polish. I was looking at Pixelb's work for inspiration and color reference.


Her stuff is truly amazing. I can already see that the blade was probably the weakest part of the image, but I finished it to a point right before it started to become overworked. It started with the blade, and as I continued to paint, my rendering skills were getting alot better. Happens all the time, right??

I also learned that projecting the model from 3D Coat into Photoshop to render out some of the part was REALLY helpful. Just press ctrl + alt + P while in 3D Coat, and you will see a screenshot of your view from 3D Coat. What is awesome about that is you can paint right on the picture, save it, and then the details get projected back onto your model in 3D Coat. Love it!

I've been streaming myself working on this model, and have truly had a positive experience where I got to talk about my thought process, work thru problems outloud and experiment with techniques, reflect on my process since I am verbally elaborating on my thoughts, and also get to share my knowledge with other people while getting to know them aswell.

You can find the stream at:

I also want to take a moment to say I've started a Slack Chat group for handpainted texture artists!

It's a small and personal community for enthusiasts and artists who do handpainted texture style. The purpose is to have a small tight nit community to chat with and hangout. It is asynchronous chatting, so you don't have be in the room all the time to chat. Just pop in, post, say a few words, and back to work!

To be invited to this community, fill out my form so I can get your email to send the invite to.

You do NOT have to download another client. Slack can be viewed on your web browser by simply logging on @

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sword Finish, kinda!

I might do some minor tweaks tomorrow, but for most part it is done!

What I learned:
  • If I am having trouble painting...Bring the model into Photoshop (Ctrl+Alt+P) as a 2D picture to draw on. Because sometimes I just paint things better in Photoshop than in 3D Coat.
  • Sword blade looks like stone still. Need to practice rendering metal again. Someone suggested looking at Tyson Murphy's Tutorial on 3D Motive. I've seen it before, but it is definitely a good idea to revisit it.
  • Metal is hard. haha!
I am moving on to pirate ship stuff tomorrow too! Very excited about that!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Inktober & Sword Progress!

Learning to get more comfortable with ink!

Here were my practices before I did the sword.

And painted up a sword! Next step is to polish the detail.