Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter.... and Break!

Things I wanna do (right now): Do more sketches. Start drawing up designs for a small game I came up with. Read more of the Game Design book. Draw megaman, for a megaman book art request. Animate in CS3's photoshop. Play more Assassins Creed (somehow).

...And, as I segway into another topic:

A short animation I did for a concept on friend's game.

...Articles that are changing the way I thought about things:
And this book so far has been giving me understanding about what it is that I enjoy so much about games, "A Theory of Fun for Game Design"

...Annnnd, a sketch/painting I did recently:

3D updates will come next month, because I poorly transferred any screenshots I had of my work with me.

I most likely will add my game board documentations to my Game Portfolio Blog!