Saturday, August 23, 2014

Full pictures! Concept fun time!

Hello! Been working on a Blizzardfest contest entry!

It was fun concepting the Naga Druid I came up for the competition. Basically I am suppose to choose an existing "unit", and turn it into a "hero" character. Right now in WoW, Garrosh is doing all kinds of BS in Azeroth and he is pissing off alot of people.  Something is about to happen in the world that will lead to us [the players] to going back in time when the orcs still lived on Draenor, their original homeworld. So I imagine this character originally had a strong love for the land when she was a highborne. At some point after the Well of Eternity exploded, she got separated from Queen Azshara and was left alone to embrace her passion for nature. She is now a Naga of the Forest, living in the rivers and swamps.

By the way, I forgot to mention I am now playing World of Warcraft! The game has changed so much from when I first played back in beta. I have been watching and reading up on the lore of Warcraft, and I am so amazed at how much has happened. I have also been playing alot of Hearthstone, but thats beside the point.

About the contest. I will show you my work from when I started up to the point I am at now.

Loose sketches to figure what I wanted in a first impression. Her personality.

Now I am starting to get into details. Finding armor designs i like.
I love drawing gestures. So this sketch was obligatory.  It helps me to visualize the mood.
At this point I remind myself  that my contest entry isn't the concept art. So I began to photo bash.
This is where I decide a frontal design is more important than a posed character.
Starting to get more comfortable with painting in color. Regaining the old rendering muscle memory. lol
Filling in spots to make this a finished concept.
Done with the front design! Now working on the back. Drew out a general idea of what the tail looks like.
Finished concept!
Working on the model now. I plan to focus on more texture painting, so I won't be going the usually Zbrush sculpt everything route.

I've also been painting for practice, so this was a quick sketch of a pauldron. I really want to get better and faster at doing stuff like this.

Be back later with more progress on the Naga Druid. If you happen to have any good names for her, let me know at Twitter @Evolvyn. lol!