Friday, July 10, 2015

Small victory goes a long way!

I'm visibly on a popular page in a well-known art site Artstation! Let me tell ya....I'm extremely happy! lol! Could be no thang in actuality (to some), but I'm personally pleased with myself. I did something that people actually clicked on and looked at!

As I absorb and process this feeling, I am channeling it properly to keep my momentum in art making! This could easily turn into a one hit wonder, if I stop now. So I have a couple things already lined up for my next fun modeling & texturing project.

Thanks to everybody who have supported me today by sharing and liking my work! And to Kelvin Tan who guided me during the important stages of the Cannon model.

Heres a few links if you feel like checking it out!

The Texture Painted Cannon @ Artstation
My art page @ Artstation

My mentor Kelvin Tan @ Artstation
Kelvin Tan's tutorials @ Gumroad

And.... heres a happy picture!