Monday, August 10, 2015

Puppy progress!

I have my base sculpt for the puppies!
Ears are not modeled onto the model so that I can change them around for the different breeds!
Next step will be to make a low poly over this and start to texture that.

I had a great weekend talking about the puppy pirates with my partner on this project. What came out of that talk was that I should sketch out ideas about the life of these puppies. What do they eat? What do they do for fun? How would they make their food? Fun questions like that which would possibly inspire ideas for what to make in their world.

So, expect to see sketches here soon!

I was listening to Tyson Murphy's interview about art and his process.

Part of what helped me get the puppy fleshed out was Murphy's comment about not worrying about things, and telling myself this is just the first pass.

Also, I bought Kevin Tan's fur painting tutorial, and I look forward to using the techniques I learned from his video on my pups!

To end this post, I will leave you with a Lava Corgi from World of Warcraft, which will stand as a reference while I work on these characters.