Friday, March 11, 2016

New thing! New thing!!

Hello Readers!

I'm back with a thing! I've had the urge to model a whole building, instead of the individual props that I've been doing. A building is a prop, really. Multiple props.

I am using David Harrington's concept art for Heroes of the Storm to create my scene. His work is great, please go check out the rest of his work on Artstation!

Finished modeling the blockout for the blacksmith building and did a quick AO using 3D Coat. I had initially intended to sculpt the detail onto the house, but then decided that the house would not be the best opportunity for using Zbrush. I really wanted to paint on this one. But if I really wanted sculpt, I found another concept art from him that would do nicely.

My next step from here would be to UV the housing pieces. And then after that drop base colors on the building to start painting from.

Change of topic: I will be exercising during my lunch hours now. Because I truly believe that exercising my body is as important as exercising my art skills. I can't begin to describe how terrible I feel when I think about how much sit/eat, in contrast to how much I move around and be active. You won't see anything change, but I will be a better person and artist for doing this.