Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

After watching it today, I must reflect. I had been a fan for almost a year. I say almost, because i relinquished my fan title a few months ago. I really enjoyed the movie, but my fan-feeling have still not been revived. It was fun to being completely into it, but there was just too much for me. Anyways, its also fun being on the outside of the fanbox, looking in. Different viewpoint on things, ya know. I definitely enjoyed the graphics, I enjoyed the character interaction, I loved wanting to punch the humans in the face & respecting a few characters. I was overall pleased. I looking forward to seeing the next movie. Hmmm. I guess this movie just didn't have the epic-ness that I felt in the last movie. The first was prolly epic, because it was the first. This movie was cool because of its action. Megatron's interaction with Starscream was so priceless. I love knowledge, but sometimes knowledge ruins things. I can't enjoy some things when i analyze them piece by piece. Thinking, "oh! They prolly used a blue cushion on the bottom to break his fall." or "They are talking to a picture on the stick in real life." It's what I used to do with things that scared me. Do research on it so much that I am not afraid of it anymore. Or watch the documentaries after it. Or even just read wikis on movies, so that I know about it before i see it. Anyways, off topic again. Film production. ....I know too much. Or enough to ruin things for me. But in another sense, it helps me when it comes to setting a scene, storyboarding for example.

The point is: Transformers was good. Movies in the coming future are becoming graphically amazing. Although, I did start to wonder the style of filming these days. Graphic intense. Noir was a style before. Sci fi was a genre. Scary Films was a genre. Today, its more of a mass action graphic intense genre.