Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fav. Games (constantly updated)

Alan Wake - I loved the level of interaction with the environment, and the small things that were not necessarily important but fun to experience. Like when the minor characters (ex. Anderson Brothers) would talk to each other and include you in their convo.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - I liked the option you got on how you wanted to interrogate the enemy. It adds a level of personalization to the gameplay. Then you also had a certain amount of choice in how you wanted to take out the enemy. And in general, I also enjoyed watching the NPCs interact with the surroundings.

Heavy Rain - Interaction like a movie. You made the choices on how a scene went.

GTAs - ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the different stories you learn when doing missions and side missions.

Lost Oddessy - Depth of story, lore, history, and characters in the game.

Final Fantasy XI - I have great memories from this game. It left me with an experience that was personal to my gameplay. Plus I enjoy(ed) the FF series.

Warcraft - Deep deep history & detail of story. Side missions, countries, and characters all had their story that weaved together the world of warcraft. (standalone and the online version)

Portal - Enjoyable puzzle game with wicked physics. The main evil character was very interesting too.

Half Life - Lots of story told in the environment. I felt sympathy for certain characters. Cool puzzles in the game too.

Yakuza 3 - Interesting types of interaction with the environment and the people in the game.

Assassin's Creed 2 - Just like GTA but more puzzles and historical amusement.

Bioshock - Story told thru the environment and each level had a story behind it, that led me to want to know more.

Dead space - same as Bioshock.

Fav. Genre - Adventure, First Person Shooter, and RPGs. Horror, Sci-FI, and Fantasy.

(written because i felt this would be the most productive to my development at the moment)