Tuesday, June 1, 2010

more rambling!

Found a car... bought the car... now I need to find car insurance, get registered (tags and Florida license), and then fix the AC in the car. I feel like when I'm in a video game, you spend all your money to buy that awesome armor or new weapon, then you have like zero to spend on potions, armor repair, or that measily glove upgrade you really needed too. Yup.... Back to camping them bunnies.

Aaaanyways, things are getting better in a minuscule sense. But better is butter! Uh, better is goooood. I mean it its hard to hit your so called "rock bottom" and then NOT see/cherish what good things you do have. One example, life with my cutie and his brother is great! Buying a car with my own money? Woah. Holding 2 jobs and commuting? I've never done that before!

I've been so stressed, worried, and overwhelmed, that I couldn't seem to enjoy the small things I've always found satisfaction in. Things could be worse. And that is really a good motivator for enjoying the present.

I'm trying to mod a game, not sure where to start but I've got UDK and SDK.

Oh, and I wanted to list out game I really like. That'll be in a seperate post.

Love my mom and dad! Their anniversary was last week!

Btw, I beat Alan Wake. It was great! Ending was a "wait, what?" type of deal. I foresee a sequel.