Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cannon Intro!

So here's a cannon that I will be texturing, maybe rigging, and creating particle effects for. The big part of this will be the particle effects!

I want to make my blog posts more informational, so I'll start with this:

Shape is important.

I started with a regular looking cannon, and then thought about my overall style. It needs to look fun, round, and something that puppy people would look cute standing next to! So I shortened it, made it rounder from all angles, and removed alot of 90 degree angles from the cannon. Looking at it now, the cart for the cannon could use those qualities too.  (Hey, typing this out really is helping!)

For all my models, I will be working on my speed. I believe it is very important as a commercial/entertainment artist. Work fast with as little technical errors as possible; such as stray verts, double edges, or inside faces. Optimization can always come after the model is done. I think speed first, then optimizing later is a good way to prioritize things. As I continue to model, I can always get better at optimizing while I model.

With this particular model, I will experiment with PBR on the metal parts. I want to achieve a painted texture style that incorporates physically based rendering. I don't know if Final Fantasy 14 uses this technique, but I loved the way metal looks in that game. How it shines in the sunlight, and seemingly reflects the glow of the moonlight at night.

For orgazation, I am using Trello for personal asset tasking. I like that I can keep specific tabs on myself. It also satisfies the itch for keeping track of tasks and schedules.

I am currently watching videos on Youtube about PBR, and so far I've seen:

I need to rewatch them to fully understand the info they discussed, but I am definitely learning! Not sure what program I will be using. Substance, Quixel, other? At this point, I am leaning towards Substance. And then I will importing everything in Unity.

Well...until next time!