Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BlizzCon Report! Part 1

I had an amazing time at BlizzCon! It was my first BlizzCon, but I was no stranger to the Anaheim Convention Center. It was nice being back at this convention where everything seems clean, bright, and happy! Dear 'ol Disneyland was right next door, so the positive vibes between BlizzCon and Disneyland was pleasant!

Saw this magnificent costume on my way to the convention line! 

I loved the way they organized the different halls! You had a championship stage next to the demo stations for that game. Every part of the halls had the buzz of excitement! There were statues spaced throughout the halls. Most of the statues were what usually sat in the halls of the Blizzard studio. It was nice they brought them out for some air and adoration! I am a little bummed that I missed the Warcraft Movie props which were upstairs on the 3rd floor. ;'(

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Winston from Overwatch

The people at the conference were extremely nice! It was probably by chance that I didn't run into anybody with a bad attitude, so I really appreciated my positive experience this year. It really felt like one big community! Like I've raided with all these people before and we had a kind respect towards each other. I was not expecting something terrible from the attendees, but was delightfully surprised anyways.

Waiting for the convention center to open on Day 1!

The big screen that counted down to the official start of BlizzCon 2015!

There was not as many "free" swag items as I had expected, but I think that was a good thing. I ended up only getting the things I actually cared about. BUT, I did get a few free things from my fellow attendees! I randomly received Thundersticks from a passerby when I asked where did he get them from (nice!) and I got 2 capsule ball head figures from a very kind girl I was standing next to in the hotdog line. (thanks, Nicole!)

Sylvannas and Winston! Hearthstone coin for scale.

You know that feeling when you randomly run into somebody you know in a public space with tons of other people?? Well that happened! I bumped into 5 friends that I wasn't expecting to see at BlizzCon. What are those chances!?

Now for the photodump!

My friend's car!

The Darkmoon Faire really does exist!!

Tyrande Cosplayer!

 "Make some room by the hearth!"

 My second home at BlizzCon.

 Need some Heroes of the Storm infographics? 

 Cosplay Panel with some Blizzard Empoyee Cosplayers and winners from the Costume Contest!

 Ever wondered what the Overwatch trailer would sound like with Heroes of the Storm characters?
The Voice Actors panel was where one could find out!

 Leaving the convention halls for the last time for BlizzCon 2015.

 Goodbye, Anaheim. Goodbye, BlizzCon. You were amazing!!!!!!!


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