Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BlizzCon Report! Part 2

Portfolio Review!

The lines for the Recruitment Table was very very short, sometimes non-existent! I was incredibly surprised to see this, since it WAS the RECRUITMENT table for BLIZZARD at BLIZZCON. One would think it would be the one play that would attract a large crowd. But I was not going to complain! I walked right up, was greeted by 2 recruiters, had a very relaxing chat with both of them, and then it was my turn to meet the art focused recruiter/reviewer.

The Critique: (take care to note this was my interpretation of the review & I went in looking for a Prop Artist review)

Do not need to include my particular zbrush sculpts in my portfolio. Showing my ability to sculpt is not as impressive as sculpting in the World of Warcraft style.

The render quality on this was really good, but not meaningful when there is only one of it. Could be interpreted as: "Maybe I spent a really long time on this ONE texture." It would mean more as a portfolio piece if I had a series of this.
This was the most successful piece in my portfolio. He really liked the side by side presentation of the concept next to the sword. It showed that I knew how to paint a concept. It also showed the visual improvements that I made to the model's texture while staying true to the concept. What could make this piece even better was if I put it the sword in a small scene. Give it a story. Ex. Sword on ground next to bloodied gold on the floor.

Presented this as a lighting sketch. He said it was good, but not meaningful without a 3D scene to go with it.

Good piece, but too cartoony for World of Warcraft. He like the little scene I made for it.

He really liked my work! He said now I need to make more and show that I can consistently make quality work. As a prop artist on the team, I would be making a ton of stuff, so I need to show that I can make multiple themed items (stuff you find in a kitchen, apothecary, graveyard).

Suggestions: (in no particular order)
  • Make a prop kit! Do a set of something.
  • Show the sketches you made for your final work. Show your thought process.
My painted concepts and the earlier sketches for them.
Not the best example, because I should really show even MORE sketches than this.
  • Show sketches for all the different props that could possibly be going into a prop kit. It's another way to show your thought process.
  • Lastly, look at the upcoming expansion for the next bar of quality and style!

Extra Stuff:
My stuff was overall too bright for where the World of Warcraft is heading, so I need to do research into the Legion Expansion.

Tyson Murphy said, "We use Diffuse and Spec in World of Warcraft.." Maybe incorporating spec might be an option for me in the future?

Team Setup on Wow: (correct me if I got this wrong!)
  • Prop Team- Do alot of the prop items in the world.
  • Environment Team - Do alot of the vegetation in the world.
  • Dungeon Team - Create the structures in the world and places it.
  • FX Team - They live on the prop team, and do the fx/rigging/animating of the props.
  • Weapon Team - They do all the weapons!
I've linked this before, but at time 25:41, it really explains the team structure at Blizzard.

That is all! This will probably be the last time I go this in depth with recruiting on my blog! Unless I learn of something really interesting. Now it's time to get back to leveling up my Art skills and creating things! Thanks for reading! 

❤ BlizzCon