Friday, August 26, 2011

First week of school, FINISHED!

Starting the school year as a JUNIOR! Only 2 more years from now til I graduate...heh!

And within this week, I've already bought Corel Painter 12 (for $10!), have my 1st big assignment due next week, and up to neck in HW! I've also just recently told myself that I actually really love MODELING!

I hope I can consistently show what I will be doing this year. I know there will be alot of amazing things happening this year! So maybe blogging once a week!

I have a modular building assignment that I will getting my butt in gear on as soon as I finish this post. Cruise Ship Pool Deck was my choice. I have to create 2 differently organized pool environments in 2 weeks. This week was already taken up to do research and start on the building blocks. I have to have blocked out the 2 pool environments by this Saturday, tomorrow! Wish me fun and good health! lol.

My schedule for this year is pretty sweet:

Working my 2 times a week job in the office, so I really need to organize my time well. (Blogging is a good use of my time, im sure.)

Marty is an awesome teacher, who came from an Art Director job at Midway. I look forward to improving my skills greatly with him as my teacher.

Cooksey is awesome too! He majored in Philosophy, quickly got into computer scripting, and is constantly updating the curriculum for Ringling's Game Art Major. His mind is open and very knowledgeable.

Jason Bennett is new to the Ringling Faculty, but hes got great skills and is fresh from the industry. Ringling Alumna. He will make a great concept teacher. I'm excited!

Ok, well time to eat and get back to the grind. Next week!