Thursday, September 1, 2011

You will be missed my dearest friend...


We have been the best of friends since my early years of Highschool. He was intelligent. He was fast. And he was very small. We named him Sable because of his dark hair that was not quite black, but a very dark brown. He had a mate named Tory, who was 2x his size, and had 5 children (1 of which we kept for a while, named Tess). All of his children, even the runt of the litter, was bigger than him. He was a miniature Pomeranian.

He was a smart dog because no matter what barricade we used to keep him away from the bedrooms, he would sneak thru the smallest hole in the corner, or bounce off the gate enough times to make it fall over. He would do whatever he could to get to my room. He slept on my bed whenever I could sneak him into my room. He would hide food or pig ears in my room, and sometimes inside my shoes, because his wife was a greedy eater and eat his food. He would always listen when me or my parents called him. We trusted him outside with no leash because he was that good. He had a bad habit of peeing over anything plastic in the house. He has been to an Anime convention, and got to sleep in a hotel. He went with us almost everywhere, except into restaurants. 

He passed away 4am, Wednesday, August 32st, 2011, due to health complications. My mother was a trooper who went all the way to another city by metro train to get him to see a doctor. She was told she needed an appointment by 2 places, but one place finally took him. He had my mother at his side, and she never gave up on him. 

My dad reminded me of the movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven", and he said that Sable is definately there and will be waiting for me. I hope he has fun playing with the angels. Goodbye, Sable. I love you.