Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Week 2

So alot went on this week, personal and school related.

I am happy to say that my dad is doing well after experiencing some discomfort earlier in the week! I thank God always for watching over my parents. Sadly, my dog passed away recently (marked in my last post), but he will always be with me in my memories. My dad put together a wonderful frame for my words of reflection.

For my Drawing for Games class, I've developed 50 silhouettes! It was a fun process.
And then from 10 of those silhouettes and 5 other sketches, I came up with these!
There will be more of these silly looking characters later!

My modular project came to a completion, and it was alright for a project we were basically given a weekend to do. I learned alot of optimization skills, and experienced many mistakes that will make me more prepared on my next assignment. (Check the grid sizes first, then see if its all to scale with the player!) I will post up pictures once I update it later on this week.

Our next assignment is a 3D Still life, so some small scale details will be the main focus! Whipping the good ol Zbrush program out, and testing my sculpting skills.