Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cannon Color

Here's a progress update to the cannon!

Did a paintover where I pushed the shapes of the cannon.

Started at high contrast, then I zoomed out to view it at a distanced. Noticed that the lines were competing too much. So I toned it down.

And this is where I am now. :)

At the same time as the cannon, I am also creating island pieces! Tip to everybody: Be careful when googling "Beach Bush".

What I learned...

* These settings work the best for me in 3D Coat! (image was spliced to show the important settings)

* UV Layouts don't NEED to be connected at the edges, especially when working in 3D Coat.
* If you have flipped normals in 3D Coat, make sure the model isn't negative in scale!
* And, doing this workflow (shown below) really helps when trying to work on the model like a painting! Watching Kelvin Tan's tutorial on painting in 3D Coat has really helped me on this!

And I've been staring at this reference: