Sunday, April 26, 2015

Heroes of the Dorm!

Today I went to support the students who were playing the final round in the Heroes of the Storm championship! Loved seeing all the enthusiastic fans (young and old)! I got to meet some of the recruiters for Blizzard and had a very productive chat with them about my work! And to top it off, played Hearthstone at the Fireside Tavern which pretty much had balcony view of the whole auditorium!

Some of the feedback I got from the Art Recruiters was:

*My work is a bit cartoony/too exaggerated.
There is a middle ground of painterly and cartoony. That's where World of Warcraft is. Looking at my stuff you can TELL wood is "wood" because of how I drew it. But it doesn't FEEL like wood. Some things we talked about that could maybe help my paintings was adding more texture, less contrast (less white highlights and dark areas). 

*Zbrush is good. But texture painting is KEY.

*I also learned that Fanny Vergne is a girl. I head-smacked myself on this one. For some reason I thought Fanny was some European name for a guy. Kinda like Adrienne. :P an old Lunch painting I forgot to upload!