Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Workshop from The HandPainter's Guild

So something that I've been doing on my free time is helping the Handpainter's Guild grow as a community, and one of the things I've done to do that is start a Workshop! I am a firm believer that to learn how to make art, is by creating art. It's more often than not always going to be rough when starting, and I see that with a few of my guild members who are very new to hand painting. 

What I've learned thru personal experience is that doing studies really helps me understand a material. And I will be making that a focus on the next workshop. It can be difficult to know how to emulate a material/style just by looking at it. You really have to train your observation skills and art muscle by just painting what you see. Grow my art vocabulary by understanding the quirks and features of an item.

Used Fanny Vergne's wood for reference on my study.

This is where I am at right now, and I plan to finish by tonight. I didn't want people to overwork their textures, because this is for practice, not for a portfolio piece or contest. So the workshop will end this weekend after going for 2 weeks. I already have plans for the next one, so I am excited to finish this and move on!

I am so glad for the HandPainter's Guild. Everybody in it, art vets and newbies alike, teach me something new. Whether it is by them giving me a new perspective on things, or challenging me by making me think of ways to breakdown techniques. I am pushing myself to get better so that I can be there for them! :)

P.S. Still working on 2 other projects on top of my Guild activities (on top of full time job). :P