Monday, July 26, 2010

Loan update

Nervous! Still haven't signed the darn loan thing. I know... yer thinking, "well just do it already!" and I will! I actually got alot done today. Talked to people that I needed to deal with for business reasons. I tell ya, I've been anxious about it all weekend. My dreams have been getting kookier and kookier. Thankfully, I don't remember what they were about, but it sucks waking up to it and feeling troubled. Once school starts, I should be done with all this. All having to do with money ofcourse. Going to college is such a rough lesson in real world money management.

I promise myself I will sign today.

But I lost a really good friend to loan/money issues. She is a really great and passionate Graphic Designer.

Housing arrangements will remain to be seen by Friday, hopefully.

[...Just got distracted for about 30 mins...]

Ok, I'm back! uh.... In conclusion....

I know I can hang in there! It's a scary step in life, but I will keep pushing to stay on top of it all! And I have no better source of inspiration and strength than my sweetie ♥