Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stomach feeling slightly weird today. I think I've worried myself enough to give me stomach aches again. Oh well. I have such an emotionally sensitive stomach. hehe. (plus, having coffee on top of it all never helps! ha)

Random Note: BBQ chicken pizza from Domino's is great!

I've started turning the wheels of my vacation plans today! Had my bosses know that I plan to ditch them in about a week. lol. Nothing is set for sure, but I have some ideas what I want to do. But even if all I do is just stay where I am right now, I'd be happy.

Points of Interest for the day? Twin Peaks. Assassin's Creed Lineage Series. Alan Wake Prequel Shorts.

Btw, a friend I know has very unsupportive parents. It's a shame. She's a very good student, and deserves alot more than that... I hope she reads all the supportive comments that people left for her online.